Is this method strong sauce tek?


Is this “strong sauce tek” and will I get diamonds to form following this method?


Well Yes sort of yet Reading true all the forum Will giva clearer understanding off the. Tech


If you’ve read all 1117 posts in Only The Strong sauce tek and can’t tell if these two are equivalent, then you might not want to put anything as volatile as butane as in a mason jar just yet.

if you haven’t read them, twice, I recommend you get to it now


Definitely a lil more complicated than that


I’ll add if you have read them twice, read through it a few more times, you’ll find more info each time as you learn and get better with the craft.

I fear that people will start blowing up their houses with jars of butane sitting around soon and it will become like the open blast of news scare tactics


this site will give you alot of good knowledge bud, but you have To Read through the forum to get you a better understanding. Please read multiple times. Its like rewatching a Disney movie you’ll find alot of things you’ve missed first time round.


I do the my dewaxing as depicted here. It just works so well when you don’t have a secondary dewax column. This is vague as hell though, just follow OTSST