Is this a good deal for a used CLS setup

12x12 “honeypot” with 2 sight glasses (Salem labs) has a ball valve and all reducers and hardware.
1 3x48 spool (xtractor depot)
1 4x48 jacketed/dewaxing spool (hardware factory store) (how much will this hold?)
2 50 lb recovery tanks
1 50lb exchangeable tank
12 cfm vac pump (hardware factory store)
He wants 2500. What are your thoughts?

Well, you seem to know where all of the parts are coming from. Why not google the prices and do the math? Is it just the spools or does it come with caps, lids, filter stacks, hardware etc? I’m sure you can figure out if it’s a good deal :slight_smile:

  • Sounds like the cost of brand new equipment to me.

4x48 column can hold 3-5 depending on material.

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@Mendo nailed it :+1: Sounds like a good price.


Ben looking for another cls, my 6 in honeypot is just not cutting it anymore, to small. $2500 is cheaper than I’ve Ben able to find for that size of setup. Sounds like a score

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I can probably do one near that price brand new but without the extras like the pumps and tanks. If they are carbon steel then they aren’t expensive anyways.

It’s a pretty decent deal though.