Is there really no way to separate THC and CBD by using a wiped film molecular distillation system?

These are our wiped film distillation systems, some of our customers asked if these machine can separate THC and CBD like our short path system. Our engineers said that the molecular properties of THC and CBD are very similar, it’s very hard to find the parameters and almost impossible to separate them. Is there anyone find the best parameters to separate them by using a wiped film?

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We have verified consultants like @Kingofthekush420 that you could pay for advice. Also try the search bar.

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Thank you so much for your sharing!

Seems that you have some solid engineers on staff. They are correct, next to impossible to seperate entirely and efficiently just with wiped film parameters or any distillation (for the most part). Most believe or are “pitched” by a distillation salesman or “someone” in the industry that THC and CBD have different boiling points and seperating the two molecules is feasible. It is not. This is just my 2 cents. I would keep those engineers around!:call_me_hand: DM if you are looking for clean T-free remediation. We can handle hot crude or hot distillate to Non-detect THC levels.


Lol… “Someone”


Are you saying your shortpath systems can seperate thc from cbd
I wan t 10 pieces full equipt :joy::joy::joy:


O realy ?? Oh ok and wich cannabinoids can one seperate on a shortpath ?
Do you think I can seperate my THC fraqtion from my CBD content
With a shortpath you deliver ?

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Thanks, It makes sense. Our engineers are very professional! Yes, we always recommend our customers to do crystllation to collect most of CBD, and for the rest mixture, we would like to recommend them to do remediation. If we have customers need remediation solution, we can have them to reach you.

@AnnChenLab1st Can you help me on cbd crystallisation i don’t know know how to make?

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@AnnChenLab1st please. Respond I have 100 s of liters for YOUR shortpath setup that I need to pass treu to have my cannabinoids seperate please please respond


Molecular weights correlate with boiling points, molecular weight of THC and CBD too similar to effectively separate with distillation. Isomerize your THC to CBN and then distill off CBD.

For the short path, some of our customers are very experienced on this system, they told us they can collect THC and CBD separately, but our engineer believe they can only separate parts of them, not all of them. So if you need to separate all of them, we would recommend you to do crystallation by using filter reator plus a heater to get most of CBD, and then use chromatography to further separate the rest parts.

For CBD crystallation. You will need a filter reactor + heater/chiller.