Is there anything smaller than a panda? (Centrifuge)


Weird title

I’m rocking a couple pandas for my ethanol work, but wanted to branch out into a couple other solvents (pentane soxhlet anyone?!). I’m just wondering if there’s something on market that will do 1/4lb or something like that in a spin cycle. Even as low as 80g could be fine for testing. I’m fairly certain the panda seals aren’t hydrocarbon compatible (though could Obviously be wrong!)

Any leads? I haven’t even looked anywhere yet, just wondering if there’s a quick obvious answer.



why centrifuge such a small amount of plant? just add heat and the pentane will leave

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I guess it doesn’t need any vacuum assist with a boiling temp that low… Good call…

Wanted to play with heptane a bit too, might be a bit more of a pain that way



Can probably put a lil basket on a drill in a bucket



Get a small bucket. Place a small cooling rack or something to keep the flower raised off the bottom. Put in your filter bagged flower. Tie a rope around the handle. Spin that fucker like you are a shotput champion. Bonus points if you can find a merry go round and tie it to that. If you are going to winterize though or not even if you are just experimenting, just use a small cider press.

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Their fritted tubes hold 35ml above and 15ml below but youve got to cut the tube to get to the bottom half. Maybe some sort of custom tube in this centrifuge would work for you since the size is right.

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