Is there a moderator here?

Is there a mod on future?


I believe a select few of volunteers who act as moderators. Some have been asked to flag posts that,seem to be offerring goods for sale like CBD products without being vetted and verified by Future4200 staff. The other mechanism for moderation if the flag system which is a way to notify the moderators of potentially innapropriate material.

In fact this forumn is about as close to peer reviewed as there is and though no seen they have implemented a scheme based on trust level and beyond just basic trust level many users are granted mod like priveledges in order to keep things running smooth. The purpose of mods here is not about settling petty bickering at all but tagging folks who intentionally log on to cause grief.

Debate is encouraged and a healthy discourse is good but personal attacks and immature posts are scrutinized. Blatantly incorrect data or worse data put out there solely to confuse or play games does exist. If any one of us mod type folks see this we flag for review. This is why the quality of this site is so high. The IT guy who maintains and created the site is one reason this is such a highly regarded place.


I believe the moderators have a shield next to their name like Future and sidco both have.