Is there a market on the forum for rare terpene reference standards?

Is there a market on the forum for rare terpene reference standards? If so I’d imagine a slanger badge is a must?


Nah, slang it.


Terps have never previously required a verification to the best of my knowledge


Send them to me for verification!

Seriously though you can sell terps here.


DM me cool shiping address.
It might take me a sec, but maybe I can get you something cool.


Send da terpz


What kind of terpenes are you talking about?

There were quite a few terpenes in cannabis and hemp that are not quantified in peoples analysis because there were not reference standards to calibrate the instruments off of. That’s why most people’s terps in the COA don’t say 100%. Don’t know worry they are all probably 100%, just the other terpenes are missing.

I isolated and synthesized a few terpenes that it looked like no one had at the time. Not sure what the status is for those, but last I checked there’s still no reference standards for quite a few of the terpenes.

We’re interested. We have two terpene methods and the new liquid injection is amenable to quickly adding new analytes. DM me.


Me aswell!

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Ah, yes. The good ol GC. Hopefully with MS. FID is still good too with HS is nice. Do you do 1D or 2D? Mess around with NMR at all?

Yes, the MS is key and just single quad. 1D, but we keep investing in the business and adding instrumentation, so maybe 2D or NMR one day. Just need to get to the medical here in KY sooner than later (Jan 2025 right now) to help drive more R&D. Hopefully this helps us see more flower along with some other new assays.


Ever heard of 7(11) Selinen-4a-ol?

We know about the selin- prefix. Which terpene standards are you currently offering?

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Nothing available sale. I do not do canna/hemp as a full time gig anymore. Switched industries. A lot has changed since this thread was first posted. What I can provide is consulting (for $$$) on how to acquire the materials from the natural source. Basically the bench chemist techniques to end up with a decent amount of crystal terps. I did actually find one vendor that sells the terps, it’s not certified ref material. If dealing with a consult is too much trouble you can buy a few mg here, and see if it’s even worth it for you: 473-04-1 | (+)-Juniper Camphor | Eudesm-7(11)-en-4-ol;(1R,4aR,8aR)-Decahydro-1,4a-dimethyl-7-(1-methylethylidene)-1-naphthalenol; (-)-Eudesm-7(11)-en-4α-ol; 7(11)-Selinen-4α-ol; Selin-7(11)-en-4-ol | C₁₅H₂₆O | TRC


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