Is there a market for flower rosin?

Is there a market for flower rosin? it seems like most people I know,in my area,don’t seem to prefer flower rosin or at least the first time they try it they seem to always notice that burn after taste even when pressed at low temps (180°F)

Veteran dabbers seem to prefer bho over flower rosin, even the cleanest and beautiful color!

I’m not one at all to talk up my product (Shameless plug @Keefrosin907) however I think I produce a beautiful looking rosin I’d say better than most and definitely better than what the rec shops have to provide here.

Am I missing something? Or is the really only choices Or dry sift and bubble hash?

For the most part, it’s damn near 2020, and no one wants to dab lipids anymore. I’m in that boat, if it isn’t a clean enough solution to produce some sort of crystals, I won’t buy it.

No shatter or wax for me, but, BHO or bust.


Its all about the fresh frozen freeze dried bubble hash pressed at super low temps . I run CRC personally and prefer diamonds but the products made can be similar . Live rosin with the right strain can be quite enjoyable . I have a friend doing it and have helped him a little bit . But you have to press 4-5 start fresh frozen bubble hash

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Squished bubble hash from fresh frozen is amazing, free of lipids, and can fetch a rather high premium. As far as I am concerned, it is really the only true solventless dabbable (despite water being considered the “universal solvent”). Production cost tends to be a bit high as is yield based on biomass input, but if you have the local market’s support, it can be successful.

Edit: yields are ridiculously low! The wording above is terrible! Haha


Rosin sucks


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This is fresh frozen deathstar rosin . If you could dab it you would really enjoy it . I normally smoke diamonds and CRC dabs and its what i prefer though !

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Most flower rosin out there is kinda whack. Burnt taste for sure. Not to say some dudes don’t do a great job at it but the vast majority is nothing special. Bubble hash rosin is the way to go but it’s out of most peoples budget

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Wouldn’t Buy it, but a fan of it. No bho for me