Is Texas close.....?

How long until Texas gets it together and legalizes weed?

I’m trying to go extract down there with Joe Rogan And the boys… :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Considering the lack of voter initiatives/direct democracy and a propensity for voting red, it’ll be a while


Texas will legalize weed when Cali lets you have real ar15s


Its only illegal if you get caught


They don’t even want diet weed.


I do think Texas will medically legalize soon… but not within the next 3 years at least. Too many counties that are old-money driven (religious and “straight-minded”) that combat the efforts every time a bill gets brought up.


Who really does?


That case will be heard this year.

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We are already medical, boys need to read.
We can have up to 0.5% THC in our medical CBD

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Username checks out :ok_hand:


In Colorado there are still counties that prohibit the sale of marijuana. I guess they have still recognized that possession is legal but I could see counties in Texas doing this.

Being from Texas there are still counties that will not even sell alcohol but alcohol is legal. I don’t think that the conservative counties will hold legalization back. The recent state votes have been very close to 50/50 so the notion that it will take forever is not super realistic. The LT. Governor made a statement that they would like to look at New Mexico and Oklahoma as model states for medical cannabis. I think that is a weird statement but it is something in the works none-the-less. Polls show that most Texans are okay with legalizing in some capacity, be it med or rec. The minority cannot hold it back for much longer.

Pretty soon every border state/country (mexico) will have rec or med cannabis so they will assimilate with time. Many counties have already decriminalized possession of 2 oz down to a city fine basically. Also there is a hemp loophole that seems to restrict, deter or limit police from spending money testing cannabis for THC/CBD in some counties as well much like mushrooms in Colorado. In Austin you just say it is CBD flower and you get to walk.

Texas will go legal or medical in the next few years, slowly but surely.


I’m sure there will be a initiative like cali allowing counties/cities to prohibit. When idk, Large cities in Texas are a lot more blue than you’d think.


Texas LT Governor is a POS. He’s already stopped a bill, the state Senate passed, from going to Abbott’s desk…Who ran on “if it comes across my desk, I’ll signe it” Twiddle dumb and Twiddle de


Need some libertarian groups from TX to get on this task.


I don’t disagree. Most politicians are pieces of shit. I am sure the LT Gov is only for it in a very rigid, regulated way. Like most politicians, they want it their way or the highway. That is why I thought using NM or OK as blueprints was an odd statement because I don’t think either market is really comparable. I hear OK is wild right now. I have not heard the stories coming out of NM like I have heard about OK.

However, I am still encouraged that there are people who are working on it. Most of these bills don’t pass the first time. I am sure the first one that passes will be far from perfect as well.

Overall, I just don’t see Texas standing on the sidelines too much longer with all the tax money getting pulled in in other states. With the purchasing power the population of Texas has the tax money will be ridiculous. Politicians will eventually iron it all out so they can get their hands on those state funds.


Every state does this - 88% of the municipalities in NJ who’ve make a decision on whether to allow REC cannabis or not are against it.

Texas is likely to pass something this year to expand the current medical program. I’d guess they’ll add between 5-10 new vertical licenses.


Medical is better than rec anyways



Same in Oregon. We have rec mj laws but more than half the state doesn’t allow it.

If they didn’t pass the original vote by 2/3 the counties were allowed to have a 2nd vote. All of the podunk sister fucking counties voted to ban it. These counties don’t get a penny from the taxes and it really doesn’t matter because all of the ban counties combine count for less than 20% of the state population and redneck republican cousin daters don’t buy weed anyways.


Yeah df???

We have be medical for since 2014.

In three years probably. It will be limited license. Pay to play.

I’m lobbying really hard rn. Don’t worry.