Is powder better than liquid form?

I have a buddy that grow hemp and he use powder salt and I’m here using fluid for my babies. I don’t really see any difference at all. Would like to know other people suggestion, opinions and thought about this?

Liquid nutes are salt based nutes mixed with water usually.

You’re paying for water and your buddy isn’t.



Hes great at this. As is @BG305


Sometimes soluble powder is cheaper to ship because of the water content. There are certain fertilizer products that the cost of energy to dry and mill makes it more expensive than if just the liquid was shipped.

There are a few exceptions that require it to remain a liquid- AGT-50 fulvic mineral complex (that I sell) has to remain a liquid to retain the amino and organic acids. Growmore flowering cal-mag has to be mixed in a very specific order and can’t exist as a soluble. Phosphite for IPM is also created in a liquid state. With these exceptions, just try to get the highest concentration possible to get the most benefit while shipping the lowest amount of water.

Some people also like the convenience of not having to dissolve powder before it’s ready to use. I used to think all liquids are bad, but I don’t believe that anymore.


This :100:%.

I have my main 5 that i run thru gallons of, Cal Nit, Growth, Flower, bud blood snd big bud… I buy all 3 in dry form and mix with water in-house. Then i have the Fulvic, Silica, guano and carbs that I buy liquid and use very little of. It sounds like your buddy is a commercial grower and has chosen the path that will keep his overhead down. If you sre a hobbyist liquids are still viable.


I prefer powder for lower cost and simplicity. I still use a few liquid products as well.

Depending on what you’re running liquids may give you a bit more control on what you’re giving them and let you cater to specific needs of the plant. In most cases you’re just paying for water as @Curious_Roberto said.

Liquids can be used in smaller volumes. Powders usually aren’t suitable for less than a 10 gal mix.


Interesting. I’ve seen this farm and they use 3-4 type of salts only. Would love to know more about salt and if that will save me more. Thank you

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