Is OG kush still a thing?

Like the title says…Is OG kush still a thing? Colorado here, and I haven’t seen good OG Kush or solid kush crosses (Skywalker OG, SFV OG, Ghost OG,) in years now. Also missing old school Flo, DJ Short blueberry, Sour Diesel, Roadkill Skunk. Any of you futurites still lucky enough to be around these genetics or did the Cookie custy kids successfully kill off the OG genetics?


you can find versions of OG in SoCal still. Only thing I buy if I need anything when visiting the fam.

There’s a lot of DJ Short Blueberry and derivative crosses in the rec market in WA. A couple folks have some old school Sour D as well. OG is hard to find though, I knew a guy back in early 502/medical days who had killer Flo but haven’t seen it in almost a decade.

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Its out there…but people are into that foofoo colorful stuff these days…

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So true. Having green weed is a rarity these days hahaha

I have a bunch of og kush crosses originally from the bank genetics. Also have some bubba and a skywalker cross, x wing or something. CO here.

I can point you towards verified 90s cuts/seeds of DJ shorts BB early 2000s Hy-Pro amnesia Cuts Cider Kush, 1980s master kush, old school 70s Maui ect. There are LOTS of other canna forums that have been running for 10-20+ years that are going to be your best bet to find legitimate old school genetics


Glad someone’s fuckin’ asking

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Original Genetics are landraces that were meddled with to be fruity or pungent.

If you want the old weeds back, you need to track down landrace genetics and then meddle with them to your achieve your own terp profiles as well as potency content.


colorful weeds lmao people just like the weeds that say 28%THC and up.

people are fuckin’ suckers for a good label.


All the ogs I have seen in the last several years are watered down with cookies. Shame, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere though.


I have a solid cut of TK in Denver


There is a reason landrace genetics are lost. We bred them to be more and better. Sure we can get them back and it will be a nice way to reminisce. I imagine it will not take long that we set them aside again.


Yes but it would be more than a trip down memory lane if we can get those genetics back we can re-introduce them to breeders that need them as starting points to make new genetics.

Another good reason is wouldn’t it be nice to cross a strain that has been bred 3 times over back to its landrace parent?

I think that should be a thing, Reintroducing the og genetics after you’ve bred it out should be a thing.

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I heard if you really look hard you can find Dinafem seeds/genetics around still. Honestly they have carried some really true OG generics for like 20+ years. I remeber growing some of their OG auto hybrids WAYY back in the day and being mind blown… just sayin.

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Good to have choices. Got a few OGK fem seeds made in 2021, a friend ran some personal 2022, said it kicked ass… good genetics work.

Man Ive seen one pound of it outta Humboldt in the last 5 years. It was real fire og we used to get from harboside early 2010s. I begged and begged the broker to put me in touch with the farmer but unfortunately it didn’t work out

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Most of the OGs are still out there in small circles. Pretty sure these are Triangle Kush nugs. I dropped her because I prefer the lemon pinesol OGs to the earthy OGs. TK has a little of everything but too earthy for my preference.

Below is 92OG, tied for my favorite OG of the ones I’ve grown. This one is all lemon pinesol, and way louder than most OGs. She displays variegation, which I love aesthetically. I will say the potency is good but other OGs are a little stronger. The flavor on this keeps me reaching for the jar.


92OG looks legit


Got several thousand Maui Wowie reg seeds from when I open pollenated 5 females a year and a half ago if anyone is interested in some.

Got the original seeds from Ocean Grown, who got his stock from someone on OverGrown. I think he’s got a video on youtube where he explains the provenance and how he’s breeding several males and females together to preserve the variety of progeny and stick as true to keeping it as landrace as possible.

I found some interesting females in there, but it would take a real pheno hunt to get the right taste, with a dense structure, and plenty of resin content. Mine were like 16% THCa with an appreciable amount of THCva. Even then these were like 10-16wk flowering and nobody wants that combo in a commercial garden.