Is it okay to top down you plants when you’re on week 3 flowering?

when you’re on week 3 flowering going on to week 4 because the plants are way to big for the room
Please help

some plants tolerate it, others not so much. im assuming that since your room is overgrown, pinching and bending is not really an option. but if it is, do that instead
the bottom line, imo- would you rather possibly have less and/or smaller buds that look nice? or a bunch of fried up buds that will end up going in the hash pile? i would top them unless you know for a fact that you have plants that are prone to herm under stress


You should be able to pinch the stem pretty far down the stalk then bend them over.

Try not to remove colas at this point you will lose weight.


Idk what lights you have, but with hps lighting, you can move the lights to the sides of the plants. I hang the reflector vertically so the light shines out sideways.


Thank you all for tips and honesty was on that all night good looking out

I would opt to remove plants or less desirable branches and bend down tops pretty much always over chopping my tops at week 3