Is denatured Ethanol "dry"?


I’ve got some 95% ethanol 5% isopropyl alcohol mix. I’m curious if it’s chemically considered “dry”. As in there’s no water?

I know that ethanol azeotropes at 95.8% and isopropyl at 99%. But this jug of 95//5%… Is it hydroscopic? Or stable?

It should be until the very minute you break the seal. Then 95ish+%


Ah, so it does pull moisture the minute is has a chance to? Why would it go to 95% instead of 99%?

It won’t go to any particular number, depends on humidity and time. It will equilibrate to 95 over time with reuse and redistillation though


He is one that i remember with the azetrope posts about 200% ethanol after you crack the bucket ooen


Certainly alcohol is hygroscopic but as far as i know there is no law of physics that will require it to go to 95% specifically in an open bucket. And certainly not in any timely manner. I mean imagine you open a 300 gal tote. The idea it will somehow suck 15 gallons of water out of thin air before you have a chance to use is just not going to happen.