Is decarbing illegal?

THC-A extracted from a marijuana plant is treated with heat to decarboxylate the THC-A to yield THC for ingestible products. This is a synthetic process. Why is this considered legal with a marijuana processor license in recreational use states while the conversion of cbd to thc is considered illegal in those same states with a similar license?


My gut tells me because the thca they use is in metric and that came from material that was in metric as well. The hemp (cbd) is not.

I have a feeling if you grew a high cbd strain in metric, then a cbd-thc conversion wouldn’t even be questioned…

Just my guess


Because it’s loosely traceable from a plant originating in the licensed program. The whole system kind of breaks down when you’re creating controlled substances from unscheduled ones.

It’s definitely within the realm of possibility that adjustments will be made in the future for tracking CBD conversions, but you would need a rock-solid SOP and be able to prove consistent and replicable results to a regulatory body. If Metrc could add CBD isolate for use in conversions like cuttings and juveniles are handled, I don’t see why it couldn’t conform to the same traceability standard. It would just be weird that your CBD is being volunteered into becoming a de facto controlled substance before any conversion took place.

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I agree that decarbing is in no way synthetic. Just not quite as passionately. Carry on dude.


Sorry man but this is…not a good post and not a good example.

The point of dea clarification is to define when something falls out of the range of a Federally legal hemp product. Namely when something becomes cannabis

None of that would apply to a licensed cannabis company because they are in fact allowed to work with cannabis


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Two different classifications of a licensed facility.

Also if a thc license lab was in rec market idk why they would buy isolate or disty to convert, if they already run thc oil, it would make more sense to do splits for that post processing you’ll need to dispense oil else where.

I don’t see what would make a decarb of thca in a thc license facility illegal.

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I’m just relaying the information I have been communicated from my state. To be clear, no, decarbing is not illegal. I’m just using this as an example of what is a legal process. If that is ok, why not cbd to thc? I really just want to understand this and they are unwilling to elaborate

What state told you that? In writing.

Cbd to thc isn’t done with heat …


There isn’t enough naturally occurring acid refluxes to stick with your comparison.

Literally need to not have oxidation for reactions.

Because to go from CBD to THC you have to add another chemical to form a reaction. simply heating is not adding another chemical to cause a reaction. Pretty simple. This has been discussed here in great detail. the search feature would have brought the answer up several time.