Is CAT2 Distillate safe to smoke?

I see that this test has pesticides. How will it turn out in a cart, and is it safe to smoke?

Yes the pesticides add a more indica / poisoned high to the carts so they hit harder


Not safe. It literally has pesticides that will carry over to final product

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absolutely safe. Especially if you have a spider mites infestation in your lungs, it should help clear it out

If you really have to ask that question, you really have no business in selling anything for human consumption.


Asking a question and waiting for a response that you want to hear does not make the answer right. Your question was answered before you even asked it. The real question is are you ready to accept the proper answer?


Are you ready to accept pesticide jesus into your heart?


You can sell as much tainted product as you want as long as you ask for forgiveness. God bless America.

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It’s pretty much the same safety as cat3 in my opinion


For some reason why you just said reminds me of this industrial new wave song from the '80s-


Smoke from god’s stash…it’s got more spinosid!


Obviously, it is not the cleanest oil if it has pesticides. I also did not buy this oil or sell any. I am asking because I do not know how safe it is. I was told that CAT2 pesticides are like the ones we eat in fruit. What are the effects of the pesticides? Does it hurt your throat? Worse high?

in my opinion you should add some antifreeze to it because it’s simple mathematics… Two negatives equal to positive

Edit: it just dawned on me that if you are actually asking the question I need to be abundantly clear with you that my comment is nothing more than being sarcastic and you should never do that… Or purposely take yourself or give to anyone else any tainted materials.


Smoking/ combusting pesticides and inhaling it has to worse than eating it.

I think you have the answer but don’t like it. :face_with_peeking_eye:

That cat 2 can likely be remediated but is gonna cost some money to do so. Usually this is a cost problem.


Get the rest of the mother fucking COA and take a damn look at what’s in there…

It didn’t just fail for unnamed substances.

Somebody knows exactly what’s in there and how much.

It either needs remediation or destroyed.

The state said it failed…which means it’s unfit for consumption. Which part of that are you unclear on?!?


I wouldn’t stick this up my butthole. That’s 4 sure


The truth about pesticide testing is that in order to be “cat3” the grower just has to the use pesticides that are not specifically prohibited. That just means they could be using miclobutanil 2.0 or one of the many obscure pesticides from any number of pharma companies.

Pesticide testing in food is not this lax as far as I know. New peaks are identified and if they’re not on the list of acceptable compounds then it’s a fail.


Most helpful response yet, thank you :joy:


I swear to god the only difference between indica and sativa is myclobutanil.


I’d most definitely boof it…

Why smoke cat2 oil when you can easily get clean cat3 oil.

And if your going to say the price, it really only changes the price by $0.20 -0.40 per cart.