Is anyone using the LS PDH-3V packable head

I’m curious if anyone is using the lab society PDH-3V packable head and actually packing it.
If so, do you find it useful or are you getting better product by not packing it.

Also wondering about what people are packing with!

Sorry for the shame less plug, pun intended. Distillation keys from summit work waaaaay better. The original patented tech for potency increase and clarity increase.


That shits gnarly

Someone was running it to fast but cool video.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this stuff?

Garbage. It basically stops your short path. The only reason why they sell it is because they bought it a couple years ago and never sold the stock.

Glass rings, larger style where there are more voids work the best.

You can also cheat and not pack the head with anything but stainless scrubby pieces in the lower joint itself and don’t go higher than the joint.


Your distillation key looks to have poor separation though, vapor is just flying by! Am I missing something with what you posted?

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