Is an IP ban for continuous spammers possible?

With the influx of spammers lately, isnt there a way to ban their IP addy? I was a mod on a forum yrs back (we wont get into that fiasco), and we were able to IP banned spam accounts.


That’s an integrated part of the platforms spam filters.

The only way to manage spam is by users flagging.


I don’t remember which platform (xxxx) site used. But I remember there being an option for an ip addy ban.

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Sure, but it is a pretty ineffective long-term measure towards spam prevention.
Flags work best.


Will enough flagging cause the member to be banned? Whats to stop them from using another account after they are banned? Anyway to have their IP banned from constant flagging?

As @Demontrich said its pretty common on other forums to get ip banned when they are a continual problem.

Depending on account history of the both the flagger and flagged, the account may be silenced until admin intervention, mostly the post is hidden.

Nothing. The system flags accounts that use the same IP, and depending on account history might silence the 2nd account with the same IP. There are a few cases of a single office/house having 4 or 5 active members.
The Trust Level system does a good job of making it frustrating to have multiple accounts, but it can and is done. You’d have to plan ahead and be active on both accounts. No rules against it. If the user uses a VPN / different IP for the 2nd account there is almost no way to link account 1 and 2 together anyways.

It’s pretty hard to get banned here. most people get a temporary silence. You gotta spam like viagra and meth to get a ban, this puts their last used IP on a watch list and flags any associated accounts.

Honestly, other than unverified hemp slangers we don’t get a lot of real spam. I am not sure what influx of spam @Demontrich is referring to unless he means the hemp slangers.

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If you’re feeling proactive easier just to PM me a list of accounts you are suspicious of and let me moderate it from there.

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