Iron Fist EX-20 For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Iron Fist EX-20 Narrow Frame
Description: Full extraction system with ancillary parts
Price/MSRP: $60k
Current location of item: Seattle, WA
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:

Jacketed, ASME stamped collection tank

Jacketed, ASME stamped solvent tank

Rack with 10lb sleeved column and filter setup

Back of rack with (2) 5lb sleeved columns

PDX Gold Vapor Smartz iQ 150 pump

PolyScience 28L Refrigerated Circulator (-30C)

Huber CC 315 Heater


System has been in production since Winter 2019.

Full system bill of materials:

(1) 22” ⌀ ASME U-stamped solvent vessel, 87lbs max capacity
(1) 22” ⌀ ASME U-stamped collection vessel, 95lbs max capacity (with oil)
(1) 6”x48” sleeved material column
(2) 6”x24” sleeved material column
(1) 6”x24” dewax column
(1) PDX Gold Vapor Smartz iQ 150
(1) PolyScience 28L Refrigerated Circulator (-30C)
(1) Huber CC 315 Heater
(2) 4” diameter, 12” tall BVV CRC
(2) 4” 1 micron sintered discs for CRC

All vessels come with end caps and hoses.
Fittings are mostly Swagelok with a mix of Superlok and Parker as well.

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How much for the pdx gold pump?

60k for this is high. Very high.

Op must not be aware of the killing fields out industry has become and the massive amount of used gear available.


will you take a 2010 x3 with 157,000 miles?

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We are always open to offers

i also have an 07 laredo

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Let me know on those items defiantly interested

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Are the hose/fittings British Standard parallel pipe?
Second picture.

Compression fittings and they are from swagelock

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Yup, I was definitely too busy drooling over the first post to read the second post.