Iron fist column packer for sale washington

Item Model/Manufacturer:
Price/MSRP: $5000
Current location of item:
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:

I have a 24in iron fist column packer I’m looking to sale. Works perfect just downsizing. I also have 4 column extenders for loading
I’ll post a picture soon


Column packer still available. Priced less than half of list price. Smokin deal

Bumping up post

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Great deal will double production

Column packer still available :+1:

Still time to get good deal on the column packer

Iron fist still available

I’m interested in 24 inch iron fist packer

Yes it is still available, I am located in Vancouver wa
Have you seen the rack system I have for sale as well, they pair up good. The rack holds 80lbs hand packed and 120lbs with the iron fist.
The iron fist massively increases production

Any questions I can answer for you ? Or you ready to make a deal? Lol

I’m in okc until the 28th then I back on west coast. I hit you up. Hopefully you will still have

Sounds good. I most likely will still have it

If ur serious about buying the column packer I can grab it from the lab on Monday. Or if ur in town sooner.
Gotta start relocating on Monday tho, property owner passed away ughh

Smoking deal on the column packer

Will send feet pics for column packer

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Ugh dude i’m so sorry to hear that. That’s awful, hope things look up over there

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Yes he was only 52, know him since 7th grade, very unexpected:(


Man i’m so sorry to hear that - If I hear anyone that can benefit from this packer i’ll send them your way asap

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