Investor opportunity

Looking to scale up for mass production and commercial/corporate development. We are currently structured in operation for retail , grow and extraction but with demand growing for legal lab licensed product along with recreational retail sales we are looking to partner up and go big.with that being said I have been pre approved for loans totaling up to 1.2m , how ever still feel like a partnership with a canna business savy investor would still be fruitful. Funds are essentially needed for additional equipment and licenses

What we bring to the table -

  • pre approved loan totaling up to 1.2m.
    -Business plan drawn up including 3yr-5yr performance projection ,exit strategy , balance sheet from 2017 -2018 retail sales.
    -Access to 300+ acres with warehouse structures waiting to be licensed/permitted.
    -access to tons of biomass available for cat 1 production retail.
  • Net work of experienced growers and lab experience.
  • 200k in lab equipment
  • a demand of 200L distillate monthly.

Any one who feels like that they be a good fit email or dm me and I’ll get back to you with further details.


That is a huge line of credit. Wow. What kind of quarterly sales would support a leveraged inventory like that do you predict and still remain profitable?

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It’s actually 300k credit line 900k hard cash via private investor both offers found through loan investment officer whom I also have a some what close relationship too. Not too thrilled on term or apr but everything in the industry gets taxed apparently. Current quarterly sales are around 70-90k with great credit if that answers the leveraged inventory question.

Aside from that it helps to have having liquidatable equipment as cash assets and percentage of deposit available for loan as qualified factors

What state would this venture be in?

Ahh that would be a key part to leave out :man_facepalming:in northern California, medocino.

I do 50k in sales a week and couldn’t get this line of credit haha.


I guess it depends on the person behind the desk working on your loan/investment. As well as your cash and cash equivalents maybe I can refer you to someone if you’d like ?

Send em my way

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I work with a Financial Broker. If you are tired of giving equity away in your business and want a loan, I may be able to help!