Inside of the famous bedrocan

Sorry no English version
Maybe translated version on discovery channel


Hell yeah let’s check this out!

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They selll flowers by the mg and price has not dropped for them in the last 10 years
Impossible to find the owners it s been well shielded at chamber of commerce etc ( wich is illegal )


The US could take some notes from that holy shit

In watching this a bit I’m seeing some things i’ve always thought were a good idea but never saw implemented - Namely totally sealed rooms, even to workers, fully automated. How can it get infected if there’s nothing TO infect it going in and out. Fucking smart.


Yeah they are building a new facility in Denmark city of koge
If I am correct
Someone once made a calculation on their gross net kilo price was something in the range of 90k per kilo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…SOOOOO what’s the process for Dutch citizenship :wink:


Cool, nice vid I´ve only been to their smaller facility up north.
Yes they´re planning on another cultivation site in Denmark, as the regualtions in NL are too tight and to nor leave much room for flexibilty (e.g. extracts)

We buy not directly from Bedrocan but trough the OMC flowers for roughly 5400 €/kg. So my guess is that Bedrocan sells to the OMC for about 3.50 to 4€/g.

Still have to deal with ethylene buildup tho

Better than fuckin` wooks.

Fair point but I definitly think some level of air exchange is needed even if it’s minimal

I didn’t see any tie dye so it already seems better to me

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