Insane Price Gauging on CBD Products -- What Gives?

Is there anyone in the market selling CBD products that aren’t marking the price up 10x? Is there anyone moving plain CBD oil and isolate on the retail side?

I recently had a sad conversation with a friend who is not financially in great shape. Her dog has terrible seizures and twitchy behavior from overbreeding, and CBD oil was the only medication that was effective and more or less stopped all symptoms. She bought a product like this. Now we all know the price of a gram of CBD is like $4-6 wholesale. This is CBD plus MCT oil. It has plainly been marked up 10 times it’s material expenditure. She was struggling to afford it.

The other products I see in stores are just as bad. A bar I went to recently had “CBD shots” you could add to a drink for $3. I did a quick calculation and guessed it had probably 10 cents of CBD in it.

Insurance doesn’t cover any of these medications. How can people who believe this is medicine justify this severe price gauging? Every time I meet someone who relies on CBD for their ailments and tell them my job, the first thing they do is ask if I can score them bulk CBD on the back end. It is a sad situation. Is there anyone fighting this?


Cut the market and sell things at a lower price. You’ll attract customers and eventually it will force prices down.


sounds like a market opportunity for you. I’m sure you have Kg of cbd sitting in piles so package it up and sell it at half price


Why not just make it for your friend. You seem more than competent. That’s what I have to do. The retail market is just crazy. It’s like that for every product. The difference is you actually have the ability to change it.

Only work with companies that are socially responsible in our industry.


I guess I maybe didn’t state my point great. I’m not trying to just whine, I want to know if there are any companies that aren’t doing this so I can recommend them.

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By x-mas prices should drop if all harvest go s well
And sad to say I don t know a single company
But send me directions I send you a bottle of crude 100ml

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I’ve been retailing cbd isolate and tinctures at about $15-20/1000mg of cbd. You could go even lower if u wanted but I agree there are too many 600mg tinctures going for $60 bucks


I’ve been getting 3 or 4 people to buy 200 dollars worth of product every month steadily because they say I’ve got cheaper prices by far than anything else they can get. That’s pocket change to some but I feel like if you show your process, are fully transparent, and charge less, more and more people will start to catch on. I honestly think that too many people scale up too quick, and dont care about retail and just put it out just incase someone wants to buy it. So alot of the cbd retail products are just shelf fillers


Where do you sell? I will definitely tell people about you

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Our website will be live soon and we will not be gouging like this.
My cbd products are sold out atm because I’m converting everything over to full spectrum distillate instead of isolate. Should start shipping out cbd products again by August.

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Shoot me an email at and I’m happy to sell her anything $1 over my cost


You should come to Europe
All prizes are high and out of 35 products only 17 had measurable amounts of cbd all shelf products in big chain / franchise companys
It s crazy