I am trying to get into the Legal cannabis business and also willing to relocate if the need be. However, I need guidance in understanding the business and knowledge about the products too. Thanks

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Theres alot of different jobs, why not list things u think u are good at, and we can direct you in types of jobs or atleast a place to look into. This is wayyy to broad of an inquiry


Read every post here and you’ll be better prepared.


I am looking at opening a shop. But at the moment I think learning the trade in form of interning would be a better way to start.

You can still open a shop In the midwest, but its getting near impossible to open a shop on the west now, due to red tape and entry cost

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Hey GratefulPhil Ive seen some of your posts in other threads and was wondering if I could ask you some technical questions regarding homogenizers.

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Where r u currently?

What’s up dude, ask away!