Inline Homogenizer: X1000D Homogenizer with DK30 Attachment- Process 10-300 plus gallons!

With the DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber attachment the X1000D Homogenizer can be made into an inline device!

This setup is optimal for processing large volumes of beverages, oral sublingual tinctures,etc. Achieve emulsions, dispersions, particle reduction, uniform cannabinoid potency (no hot spots) in large batches.


That looks good. It would be a good first stage for continuous nanoemulsion production as well.

Yes, the process works well for first stage continuous nano-emulsion production.

have anything bigger?

Bigger meaning more throughput?

What would be the optimal surfactant and carrier oil for uniform dispersion of distillate? I want to convert a gram of distillate using this technology and I was wondering what would be the best route?

If you’re using a carrier oil there’s no need for a surfactant because distillate is miscible with the carrier.

Can you clarify “want to convert a gram of distillate”?

I want to convert the gram of distillate into a nanoemulsion

Our devices only perform micron size particles, you need a ultra sonic homogenizer for nano-emulsions.