Infused topicals for tmj?

Overpower it for tmj. It’ll help to the degree where ibuprofen will work.

Didn’t know what it was and had to Google it.
After reading the first article I saw, it sounds like it’s something you would want to consume in an edible or dab or smoke… topicals don’t work and they don’t often work on pain, I have tried super potent balms including essential oils for permeation enhancement , and got zero relief.
It is super medicinal and nothing wrong with slathering it in your skin, but there are other things you can add to topicals that will help…
If cooling or heating help the pain, then using mint\menthol for cooling or hot pepper/cinnamon/camphor for heating balm…
Hope ya get some help though

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If I ever hit the lottery I’ll let you know when my tmj surgery is scheduled. Other than that my insurance doesn’t cover tmj surgery or jaw realignment. I’m gonna try invisiline next year and maybe look into how to get into the terpene market or something to save up for tmj surgery.

I was born with a mild underbite and now I’m experiencing jaw bruxism. On the left side and it feels like my jaw is a cement mixer just crunching every turn


Not to give medical advice but I deal with a lot of pain every day…and topicals don’t come close to cutting it. At all.
The only thing I can possibly mention is not medical advice but just something I watched and helped with, and watched it help the person, was using Rick Simpson oil aka feco, and using a small amount of carrier oil, and massaging the Simpson oil into the body(in this case where her gall bladder is at…) with a 300$ ultrasound machine from eBay .
The ultrasound , I think, makes the thc push into the cell walls, etc… don’t know the specifics but I know it works and she was getting high as well, from doing 500-1000mg per treatment(and she consumes high doses for pain) again not medical advice but maybe you could look into such a thing(I never heard from it before but I saw it work)

If you want my opinion, try some kratom, and see if that helps with the pain. It’s pretty amazing, and affords me relief on par with the Lyrica I was taking


300$ really? … Huh, I might get one of those at some point.

wait a second, wouldn’t you need the contrast drink that tastes like straight up congealed grape cough syrup or is that not for ultrasound… Cause I could’ve sworn I had t drink contrast for an ultrasound at one point.

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I use 800mg of Ibuprofen and hot/cold compress plus I massage it. I got prescribed muscle relaxers but they work too well and I can’t take them because I know I’ll become reliant on it.

It’s only when it flares up and does the yawning thing that I’m in mortal agony and wish I was dead.


Uh, that shit is for mri or ct scans.
This is just using ultra magical sound waves to push the thc into the bone, I honestly don’t know but I know it worked.

@Capttripppp is right, kratom is definitely a help, although it is fucking disgusting.
The drinks work like a champ but it’s expensive, I smash 2 of the mit45 shots on some days.
Sometimes I make poppy seed tea (“milk of the poppy”) with a fast cold water rinse and filtration, natural, but again it’s fucking nasty tasting and costs a lot to extract from poppy seeds

Is there good smelling kratom topicals that work for pain?

I’m with @Capttripppp

Use some kratom. Works wonders for me.

Amazing what 3-4 grams can do.

No topicals that I know of, has to be ingested. Use powder and make a “kratom shake” or capsule it up. Extracts are expensive and seem to leave something off the table compared to powder

Buy a couple small bags from different brands and see which one you like more.

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I looked it up and didn’t see anything about it being used as a topical or if it had any bioavailability but then I found that it is converted in the stomach so that would possibly mean it won’t do shit as a topical…I’ll ask someone to look into it…


I dont think kratom works as a local anesthetic, but eating it will definitely mask some of the pain.

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I googled transdermal bioavailability of mitragaine and got nothing, also looked up cream and topical.
I will check that out
Essential oils are “permeation enhancers” which means topicals with essential oils will help it become more bioavailable transdermally