Infused Coffee Beans

Anybody here producing cbd infused coffee beans?

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To brew or to eat?

A crunchy chocolate coated espresso bean sounds good.


I saw a company at a trade show once adding CBD to ground coffee, just tossing it in the Grinder with the beans, then brewing it like normal. They claimed the CBD mixed with the natural coffee oils, which kept the CBD in suspension :man_shrugging:t3:

sounds legit

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On topic though, I myself hate coffee, but this sounds like something that’d sell.

I know a few people who love coffee beans like that.

Edit: wouldn’t it be pretty easy to do as well? Just dose the chocolate?

Yeah these have been massively popular since Prop 215, I’m surprised more companies don’t make them:

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I think the big players in this field actually infuse oils back into the dried beans. Why not use water soluble powder, grind, powder mixer, package it up?

We have produced infused ground coffee for bulk purchase and infused “K-Cup” style coffee. We use water-compatible CBD to infuse the coffee. We have also made infused tea bags, which seem to be a great seller.

I have posted about this previously. Can search thread. A good friend of mine has a CBD coffee bean company

There was once a Washington based company called ganja coffee. It was just whole beans sprayed with distillate I believe. That shit was potent as hell. The coffee would end up with oil slicks across the top.

We called it a Seattle Speedball
Ganja coffee and some dabs.


Fuck…I could do something like that…

High doeses of caffeine and THC is my fuel for life anyway…


Sounds like my kind of stuff…


It’s so incredibly easy. Very viable option for the rec market


we own - have not made product yet, but eventually will activate.

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So your saying I could skeet a little disty in the Foldgers up on the managers mezzanine, and effectively spike the shit out of their coffee?

What better way to find out what federal managers have a tolerance to THC! Who is drooling in the corner and who is looking comfy?

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Lmfao!!! God damn, what a way to get fired that would be! I’m fucking dying

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Who said anything about getting fired?

It would tell me which managers had a D9 tolerance already. If the manager has a D9 tolerance…well…that’s a potential member of the green team. When they climb the ladder that high, they don’t talk about it at work anymore…you gotta catch them slipping. Like when a 3rd level manager gave me a lighter at the smoke shack to light a smoke, and the butt of the bic was all melted and ashed up. I gave him the look…I know what you did with this…and then politely handed it back.


Lmao. He knew right away he’d been caught. They’re gonna wonder though about how the guy in the corner became unresponsive and started drooling uncontrollably.


I would think there’s a market for either beans or brewed but it kind of reminds me of goober grape, the peanut butter swirled in with the jelly already, where the peanut butter sucks and the jelly sucks, but hey they’re in the same jar so people buy it. But I’m also kinda sick of gummys and I want something else.

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I like caffeinated edibles, but I wouldn’t bother with infused beans, just infuse the end product. Frappucino style drinks, ice cream, coffee bean cookies etc; all are reasonably shelf stable if you prep it right

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