Information radiators

Wonder what everyone uses for information radiators,

It could be something simple like a white board, or something computerized with web connectivity.

I’m a fan of white boards. Cheap and easy. Walmart carries a 4’x3’ whiteboard for $20. They also have a rolling clothes rack for $10. Add few zip ties and you have a rolling whiteboard.

On the electronic side I have been playing with old 1080p monitors connected to a raspberry pi. My original focus was using this setup in retail locations for the menu and to advertise products. The new raspi 4 has two hdmi connectors, so it can drive two monitors at the same time.

There are examples all over the internet.

I’m wondering if there would be any interest in this kind of thing in an extraction lab. Or is it overkill? I’m thinking it could be used together with tracking software pretty effectively for techs in the lab.

There could also be a separate one for management, with the info they want to see.


We use one internally for management, it’s an online dashboard currently built on google sheets because it’s fast, free, and easy to use. We will upgrade to something flashier at some point I’m sure.

Any fully PLC/automated extraction system should have useful dashboard like readouts so the tech can determine at a glance if everything is good. That’s how we’re designing our systems.

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I want to play around with displaying my online dashboards on a tv monitor.

Picked up a 50” 4K TV from Wally World to test with. About $300. I didn’t realize how cheap 4K TVs are now.

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