Info/experiences with chemo patients

I have a lady who has invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 4 grade 3. Looking to hear any and all opinions/experiences with giving people meds to help or slow down the tumors. She’s currently on chemo and is in a state that is not fond of other types of treatment. @roiplek gave me some good ideas, she’s currently taking the usual rso and cbd orally and topically. Bring on the info

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I’ve got a guy who’s stage 4 stomach cancer. Supposed to be dead last month. D8 gummies took him from laying in the bed waiting to die and not eating to playing in the pool with the grand kids for hours on end and three meals a day. He’s headed back to Mayo next week to find out if the tumors are shrinking. Doctor Say he wants to know why he’s still alive🤷‍♂️


Ive read and heard similar experiences with d8, ill have to find some and see how it works for her. Glad he’s doing good, i hope what im doing for her goes the same way.


Scope these you’ll learn more in-depth of what can help along side

What can help with terps & cannabanoid(s)

But I also suggest a blend of d8/cbd/cbg with terps specified for needed ailments.


That’s their link on how to get rid of the cancer viscosity causes?

In that process right now of finding which type of strain, hybrid, sativa etc works the best for her. She has indica and hybrid capsules now so waiting to hear which works best. Ill check out that article and pass it along to her as well.

Top or bottom link?

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SHIT😳 didn’t even realize it said TT


I suggest finding better companies of course than TT for specifically isolated terps, (go natural derived or cannabis derived). But they are out there, I used to put my clients on all the time as I’ve dealt with many cancer fighters ( my mom included). Personally it’s a huge subject for me as anyone who sees a loved one go through this hell.

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Ya i dont like TT, but the info could be helpful nonetheless.

:call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3: They had their run :smirk:

I have a patient who has a tumor on her brain. Tried chemo almost shrunk but stopped. Tried experimental drug had bad reaction. Another drug shrunk more but stopped as well.

her insurance is lost do to her job letting people go and after the last drug it shrunk enough to not cause headaches etc… but now she is 2 years past her death date they gave her and doesnt have the ability to go to doctors. Her headache are back, she had to tell her kids this year what was going on.

I have our nano carrier and delta 8 tinctures going to her the end next week if anyone has recommendations on how strong to make it id appreciate it. Going to had a inflammation terp blend and some cbg in it as well

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lab effects terps has the best premade blends for pain, focus, sleep, immunity plus can get premixed with natural flavors that promote those. Such as a blueberry basil for the focus blend

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