Industrial Jacketed Glass Reactor for extract and Crystall reactor isolation equipment

Item Model/Manufacturer:US
Description:Jacketed glass reactor is mainly applied in Bio-chemical, It can be jointed with vacuum pump, chilling circulator, heating circulator is widely used in the process like Combination, Reaction, Separation, Concentration, etc.
Price/MSRP: $2950
Current location of item:California
Estimated lead time: 3Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: Twelve months

Contact info,
Tel&Whatsapp, 86 15225903700

100L, $500 discount!

A new batch of crystallization reactors, ready to be packaged and shipped!
It is also available in stock in California for isolation, crystallization and decarburization reactions.

You can choose 50L or 100L