Induction Barrel Heater

For all of our c1d1 ferritic barrel heating needs.

I could see one of these being useful in a few ways. Oil bath/ bain marie perhaps.


Super dope! Ive been using a coconut oil barrel heater, but it’s not C1D1

if you got a cheap band-style one, it might even catch fire. don’t have a ref for you, but know I’ve seen it as a legitimate compliant somewhere.

I’m just thinking out loud here, single walled stainless vessels with ferritic stir blades

ULine carries the blanket style but I have no idea if they are c1d1 compliant.

50gal drum size stir plates exist. this was just the first hit

I’ve had trouble with magnetic stir-bars and 304 SS. Never could get one to work with my Terpenator bases. I’ve two welded and one non-welded, and the stir-bars interacted with the bases rather than the stirrer.

I was thinking more along the lines of an overhead stir configuration with blades that would become warm-hot using the induction heater.

hmmm. I’m of the impression that induction has a distance squared term in the physics somewhere, which might get in your way.

I also see fighting a magnetic field with your stirrer as counter productive. just heating the barrel inductively and stirring with something that doesn’t respond to that field seems more likely to give joy.

that said, I’d have to ask google to confirm the distance squared term, and common sense and physics often overlap less than I would expect :wink:

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Given overhead stirrer motors are hollowed out so the stirring shaft can be easily adjusted for vessel size, I wonder if the heat generated from the induction heater to the stirring shaft could cause the stirrer motor to overheat?

that’s a purty. makes the 60’s era one I’ve got look like it’s from the stone age.

Really what I’m wondering is if this could be used to heat an ethanol recovery still in an efficient manner.

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can’t find a wattage on it.
guessing <1500W based on other barrel heaters I’ve looked at.

For a 55gal drum (40gal working) you need on the order of 40kWhrs** to get your liquor back. at 1.5kw, it takes all day (literally 24ish hrs), at 10kW it takes ~4hrs.

**the actual math is available, and is closer to 750Whr than 1000Whrs but I’m a biologist and like to use round numbers when guestimating. :slight_smile:

Edit: that thing is listed under “custom” so you might be able to order it in 3kW, which would give you your solvent back while the crew was off napping.

Ok then we’re talking about something more like an oil circulation heater or a boiler? I like the lowish profile of the oil circulation heaters. Am I on the right track?

When we were using a moonshine still to recover ethanol we used a propane burner :wink:

double boiler? or just went for it?
I thought the direct electric heat I was playing with was too risky to play indoors.

it would certainly make getting your cooling right a higher stakes game.

I’ve had a couple of condenser fails that could have been catastrophic with open flame involved.

Yes, many commercial Stills run direct heat oil jackets (rather than water jackets), you can also use steam.

using a circulating system and an oil/water/steam boiler in a remote (other side of the wall) location is the easiest way of achieving safe operation.

I wonder if the induction heaters are stackable?
have you poked at them to determine price or capabilities?
I don’t imagine they’ll be cost effective compared to a hot water heater and a pump, but they are just coils. with a transformer and an oscillation circuit. so they might be.

My moonshine still was a pressure cooker I popped the steam barb off of and threaded in a flared fitting with about ten feet of coiled copper tube lolz. I just put it on the stove top hehe. I used potatoes in a plastic trash can in the hot water closet as the biomass and fermenter.

The plan worked perfectly until the (now ex) wife got REALLY tired of the overwhelming smell of rotten potatoes coming from the hot water closet… She put her foot down!!! I had to choose between rotten potatoes and her!

I still miss her at times… :speak_no_evil: