Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.



where are you finding the pvpp to buy


the spools vary in price by size, for example a 6" ferrel costs me $30 and a 3" costs $13. Welding is estimate based, purge gas is not cheap and you need lots to get good results. We try to do it right and bring the best value and quality we can provide. All our welds are fully passivated.


I don’t think he used it

Yep not at all

He listed at first post… Maybe help him from the flogging!

T5 , magensol xl, silica gel 60


In this post photon said this column is entirely magsil and that PR was the goal and that color removal happened as an unintended result.
So magsil has the ability to remove color too.


they were talking about trying other medias like pvpp. and t 41 and the placement of each


rad. what kind of pressure drop do you see across the bed? And do you observe this pressure drop to increase after multiple runs as the bed begins to retain impurities?

Its a dope device but seems impractical to unpack/re-pack after 1-2 runs. Perhaps the way to go is a stainless steel shell like the one yall have here, but the filter media is a pre packed cartridge that slides into the shell. That way you could just purchase a case of pre packed cartridges of filter media and all you have to do in between runs is open the shell, pull out the old filter cartridge, replace with a fresh cartridge, and pull vacuum on the cartridge shell before beginning the next run.


usually 40psi -60 psi across the top, the bottom goes from vacuum to 10 psi.
I like the cartrige idea, but it is hard to prevent channling around the cartrage. you know the blackpowder rifle had to come before the 30-06!:+1:


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And they did have big tanks I just had to rent those, they told me they couldn’t at all I thought but was for buying ! Gonna give the lil guy shot it’s 80

Know this bump will help me with that filter!


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of course. I’m just spitballing, I think it was good execution of a good idea.


Steer for the clear…

Bunch of damn heroes!

My only thought that might be constructive at this point might be around construction :wink:

Instead of the prefilled carts which can be disturbed during transportation and storage rendering the cartridge ineffective, I like the idea of having the chambers come with only the non-consumable components, but separated from the remainder of the apparatus by valves to allow the unit to be pulled ‘during’ a run and replaced with another identical chamber packed only prior to use by the operator.


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How did it come out , any pictures ?


Would I be in the wrong to ask what a g of that sells for alone?

If so put me in the wrong then!


Look em up in cali shops


@Killa12345 That might have been my demonstration of very rough color filtration by hexane solution over DE? :thinking:


Well can u show me link I’ve looked and looked why I asked, do I have to member to see or something?

Just curious


Haggard Extracts

Though it doesn’t show any shops