In need of wet biomass in Minnesota to test modifications to tumble weed drier

We have a drier that was used this year in Oregon. It was shipped back to the factory for modification. We are concerned about interstate shipping of wet biomass from oregon. We have 2000lb bales here local. We are looking for wet bales in Minnesota. Please reach out if you can help! You

just looking for material to dry to test the machine? How about wet straw, that could be a good analogue.

I’m guessing it was great at hay…but needed mods to work as well with hemp…hence back to the oem

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You think its whole plants or combine harvest?

That’s not a bad idea. I’ll pass it on. Might work

We used a head from formation AG
A stripper header…
2019 the material needed to be wet shucked in order to dry smoothly. The sensors measure moisture and would sense the stalks moisture and overdry the biomass

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It was built for hemp

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could you switch to a timed cycle? run a batch and see if it meets the standards, then repeat the method?

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It’s built specifically for hemp.

Can hemp destined for extraction be too dry?

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maybe it chars it?


I might be able to help, I know of a few indoor grows in Minnesota but am not too closely affiliated with them. Let me do some asking.

Thank you

I am a hemp farmer in MN. I have round bales of CBD biomass on site. Contact me if you are still looking. I may have what you need.

Great I’ll forward your number thank you!!