I'm looking to make my own CBD topical for peripheral neuropathy pain - Recipes needed

Howdy all,

I have looked all over the forums and not finding what I’m looking for. I’m also still very new to the Canna world. So forgive me if this is a no-brainer for some. Thank y’all in advance.

I’m wanting to make my own CBD infuses topical cream and/or lotion for peripheral neuropathy pain. I’m a cancer survivor and have peripheral neuropathy due to the chemo therapy. My neuropathy is now mainly in my feet and toes. I’ve tried many brands and I like some, but some not so much. Some CBD pain creams/lotions have a heat or cooling affect, and that’s not a great feeling on my feet. Some make my skin even more painful. So I want to make my own and not spend $65 to $200 on a CBD pain cream.

I also know I can make it cheaper that I can buy it pre-made. Or I would think it would be cheaper if I make my own. I know that I can use my own CBD isolate 30ml tinctures. But I don’t know what else and how to make it. I’ve Googled up “how-to” CBD cream/locations and I get salves and “buy my CBD cream” crap. That’s not what I want.

I would like to make a topical that contains Emu oil, Coconut oil or butter, and CBD isolates. I’m just in need of instructions and other ingredients to make a topical for my own use. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hit up @Krative for formulations council.
Then show us how you did it when it’s done!!


My go to for “it rubs the lotion on its skin” has always been


@cyclopath I like the movie ref :rofl: And thank you for the link.

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I have had a couple people with neuropathy have good results from my full spectrum tinctures they are at a 10% concentration rate. (1000MG per 10ml) id give that a try VS a topical or try both together.

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Here’s one; I use a base from bulk apothecary; BA has lots of good resources; it’s one of my favorite websites.

To this unscented base I add following cannabinoids;
CBD isolate
CBDA oil
CBG isolate
CBGA isolate
THCA isolate

You can get away with just CBD; but there is serious healing potential in a broad spectrum of acidic and neutral cannabinoids

I also like to add the following;
Tea leaf extract
camphor powder

There are some terpenes that promote transdermal bioavailability; here is an excellent pub about it; I would look into formulating with some terpene isolates.

^^the above link downloads a pdf^^


I’d go with either myself or @RockSteady for your topical needs as both of us incorporate the very important spectrum of cannabinoids to deliver effective relief.

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@RockSteady, I sent a DM. Thx