Im looking for 2 hand extraction equipment for eu

Im going to build a extraction lab in europe.

Im looking for 2hand extraction equipment.

My target is to process 3 tons of flowers yearly.


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What method of extraction. Solvent?

No sorry i forgot to specify that haha.
yes solvent method.
its best way quiting co2 right?

What solvent ?
Ethanol or butane/propane ?

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Heptane/ethanol it sounds.

6,00lbs yearly? That’s apx 20lbs a day at 300 operating days a year. Bho is probably what u want or just some 5 gallon buckets, ethanol, and a washing machine

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thats right.
and all the equipment needed send me price info DM.
My lab will be eu gmp.

Where are you located?
Contact me at
For more details