Im in the DMV - I need recommendation

Hi Team, Im currently in the DMV area. Where should I go to enjoy a good time, I’m only here for 2 days

I know @TheFeds are out there, but I think @Realterpsmatter would be the one to contact in this scenario.


Just ask the lady at dmv reception handing out numbers

Ask for number 420 and slip her $100 amd she’ll meet you behind the dumpster on her break.


Posting pics/vids of you exclusively in ski masks on your instagram doesn’t inspire much confidence to anyone, just sayin.


@Realterpsmatter can meet after church this sunday


Define reasonable price

Reasonable in whose eyes?

Fair market value?

i would recommend bringing a phone charger… and download some cool games. Being in the DMV takes forever. Just pray your clerk isn’t a shithead or they’ll make you wait even longer for your paperwork.

I like the dmv 420 idea, ill let yall know how that goes, hopefully, she doesn’t think I’m weird or anything.

Listen for jewelry on that side of the state. If you see someone who looks Chaldean, you’re close!

Fairly certain he meant DMV as in DC, MD, VA and not the bureaucratic hell the rest of you are thinking of. DC has some fun shit to do - easy as piss to get a medical card (out of state, no doctor, no problem). Some of the casinos are decent if that’s your thing. Good music venues too for the right kinds of shows 9:30 Club and the Fillmore are two good ones in DC. Ram’s Head and Powerplant are good spots in Baltimore. If nature is your preference then either go to Western MD or West Virginia or east and down the ocean if the bay is more your speed. Annapolis Rock off the Appalachian Trail is right there. Amazing restaurants in both cities.

edit: EEEEAAASSSY legal access to good DMT and okay mushrooms in DC

pretty sure he meant the bureaucratic DMV…

That’s why I mentioned that @TheFeds are there.

And I think the other user I tagged is from the area since the Good @DrLoud said DMV area in the post.


He obviously means de militarized vehicle


Oh shit you right - in that case I’ve got a great hookup for a Maverick from Paramount

South Africa is lovely this time of the year

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Yelp works…
Google maps,
All the Local directories

Ask “informative tell questions”…you have to use some intuition or discernment. look at the reviews (but also remember ppl can pay for reviews.)

Theres some other platforms you can use as well

Where’s weed DC (used to be much better)
And other platforms like it.

Hope this helps

Can you bless him with some terpes

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Visit the government stuff.

Such unique music

Love me some les

If your in Baltimore area …5 min from horseshoe casino I can steer you to some decent honest ppl with good flower.

8ths to a Zip (nothing higher)