Ignite Vapes, end of Ignite?

“Described by many as the next generation of vape design, the IGNITE ONE Rechargeable Vape Device with disposable liquid CBD pods* delivers a premium and enjoyable vaping experience. Lightweight and ergonomic, the device features a soft-touch, matte black finish. With its luxurious and discreet aesthetic, the ONE device is the perfect choice for newcomers as well as veteran vapers.”

Who makes Ignites pods and batteries? Chinese? American made?

Either way is this finally the end of the Ignite fiasco? They are discounting heavily and I assume DB won’t be chucking any more of his money in. Their financials are comical.

I am sure no one on here is a fan of Ignite, let the ripping commence, let’s hear your thoughts on ignite? I have popcorn ready.


Yes…vape pods made in America :roll_eyes:

Ah one with knowledge :smiley:, please do share your wisdom and enlightenment me with the name of the manufacturer?

Anyone seen that picture of the Dodge Ram logo compared to the cross section of a vagina???

Ignite is Bringing a whole new meaning to pussy Sticks!!!


Fuck gas station CBD products


They look exactly like reskinned Altria’s / Vuse’s… Im not sure which one but a cheap gas station Juul knockoff owned by big tobacco. Exact same long pod style in them. They probably have connections with these companies

Interesting, thanks. Their company demonstrates that even with a huge social media following, if your products are $#1+, you won’t last.

I heard they paid $4000/lb for purple punch units lmao


You’re right - they’re from a certain big tobacco company (French/Swiss made technically), half decent tech when you’re not putting CBD oil in it. The tech should’ve gone to another large CBD vape co that had a direct connection to said tobacco company, but that founder’s parents wanted to punish him and gave it to Ignite instead.