iFillable.com : iKrusher Distributor Nord, Xenbar $3.75 Disposable Available US Stock

iFillable is an exclusive distributor of iKrusher products in NY, NJ, CT, RI, and VA. Our focus is to work closely with brands/labs originating out of the New York Tri-State and New England area.

We currently have the following products in stock in our Connecticut warehouse.

iKrusher Nord Disposable Starting at $3.75
iKrusher Xenbar Disposable Starting at $3.75

iKrusher Calibr Pro Premium Ceramic Cartridge Starting at $1.80

iKrusher TUX 510 Premium Ceramic Cartridge Starting at $1.35

iFillable as an authorized master distributor of iKrusher products offers quantity-based pricing to our B2B customers. Please signup for an account on iFillable and once an account is approved you will be able to see bulk quantity pricing.

There are certain advantages to working with us. We try our best to keep everything in stock. Same-day delivery is available to bulk buyers in our serviced areas or the next day. We are currently working very closely with multiple co-packers in the Connecticut and New Jersey area. They are able to get anything they need on-demand for their customers. If anyone is local to Hartford, Connecticut. You are most welcome to visit us.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out via call or text at 860-964-8273

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Just a quick update. We are out of the Nord’s. We have 25K Xenbar another 50K coming this week. We will also have another delivery in about 10 days of Nord and Xen bar 50K each.

Normally I don’t like to put the numbers out there but a couple of people texted asking for larger quantities. If anyone is interested in larger quantities. Please simply let us know and we can give you a somewhat accurate timeline if we don’t have stock to cover the quantities you are looking for.

  • Cartridges are in stock as well.