Ideas for terpene distillation

Hey guys! I was thinking of a way to get terps out without adding water or solvent to the material, with tools that most of us have on hand. I was thinking if we heated nitrogen to the temperature terps boil at and passing it through your material then recondensing the terpenes out. I just need ideas on how to warm the nitrogen inline? I obviously don’t want to heat the cylinder because I think it would be dangerous. This would dry your material extra well before the extraction as well. I’d like to crowdsource the knowledge to create a terpene extractor that uses nitrogen that can be added to closed loops with fittings and release it to everyone at a very affordable price. Would love to hear more ideas and get a conversation going.

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You need a heat exchanger of course. I think they also make electric ones specifically for gasses

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Might give you some ideas…but…

I do not present any legal opinion here.

ive been wanting to try this using warm N2 but blending (at injection) less than 20% (n2 mass flow) butane (also as a warm saturated vapor). The vessel holding the material should also be temp controlled. Optimizing the material vessel and biomass density for Mass transfer are two points of design to hash out.
Tandem’s system is pretty cool, doesnt it operate with just warm N2?