Ice bath tech

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What’s the best solution to use for an ice bath? (As cold as possible)

I’ve used acetone and also alchohol butnim not a fan of using flammables for my ice bath

I have read about glycol mixtures but am unsure.

In short:
I currently use a yeti cooler as my basin with about 10-15 gallons of water depending on coil and or hose setup, what’s the best liquid solution to use to achieve the coldest temps in an ice bath (non flammable)

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Liquid nitrogen is not flammable and it gets to -196 celcius or or so

Why do you not want to use flammables if you are using it to cool?


Also, mixing wet ice and alcohol isnt going to work for very long and is going to be super expensive. But try this, make a dry ice + ethanol solution in a cup, add dry ice until no more bubbles appear. Then try and catch that on fire. Let us know how it goes.


Liquid nitrogen may be too cold depending on your application. It freezes most solvents.

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Ahhhhh the dry ice conundrum…

So I live 3 hours EACH WAY to the closest Walmart/dry ice supplier…


Yea way out of my league lol :frowning:

get a tank of liq nitrogen delivered each week if possible?

if you are dead set on using a coolant cut with water, the coolant distributor will have graphs depending upon the coolant being sold that show the proper ratio of coolant to water to prevent freezing and how cold that ratio can get to.

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UPS doesn’t deliver where I’m at I doubt ln could get here reliably.

I’m not “dead set” per se just looking for a solution better than salt water Icenor flammables.

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You can buy a dry ice maker on ebay. You will need to supply your own bottle with drip tube, and co2 refills.


Googling now!

So I could get something like this:

Then just exchange a large c02 tank whenever I run out and head to town?


How awesome! This was EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Thank you!!


Unfortunately i’ve never met anyone who used one of those with good results. Maybe there’s a trick to it.

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The trick is to have a shit ton of gas!


Are there models or versions that are known to work good?

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Ice is h20 it’s only going to be so cold, you could get a cryo freezer and freeze large volumes of glycol. An immeraion chiller and glycol would work too or find a source of dry ice. You’ll be lucky to get a handful of dry ice from one of those 20lb bottles of c02


I’ve posted this before, but can’t find it, so here it is again.

you can get to -40C with regular ice and CaCl2(H2O)6


Buy a freezer fill 2/3 with water let freeze over night, and remember to out your coil in there. PUt a few inches of water on top everday just to start the nelting process. I ran 4 cmepols off this same set up except i was usinf heat exchangers. Never used dry ice and i got well over a lb per min