I want to change a law requiring labs to destroy samples and instead sell them to retailers

Never mind this is dumb.


Why not give it to the lab employees to smoke?

3/4 oz of rosin or bho is a ludicrous volume though

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Why would the testing lab want to resell? What are they reselling? 5G samples?

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Tell me this is a dumb idea to pursue.

It takes money to change laws. Access to your legislator, and especially influence, tend to vary directly with your wealth and resources.

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What problem are you solving or hoping to solve with this effort?

Why would a laboratory resell samples?

Why would the laboratory want to be responsible for inventory of cannabis?

So the lab doing the testing now has 3/4 oz of BHO rosin, minus the 5 grams they take for the sample. Thats about 16 grams left over, assuming no need to re-sample or otherwise. So now the lab has 16 grams of opened product, they are to resell this opened, manipulated, product?

For who? The lab made their money testing the sample. The processor makes their money selling their product thanks to the certificate provided by the lab.

Everyone wins.

Except maybe the lab tech jonesing for that now manhandled rosin sample.

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No like we would have to license to license transfer to a dispensary who sells it.

It’s manipulated in a lab setting. I could slap a sticker onto the container they are already in.

I think it’s worth figuring out.


Would you take a moment to answer the questions I laid out?

I see no real value in this proposal, I’m hoping by you answering my questions you can show me where you see the value.

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You’ve got to stretch out that flesh pocket of yours, and start muling stuff out!

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Labs are required to keep samples for mandatory retesting Incase a recall happens. This idea was dead before it even started.


Oh fuck. Yeah. I bet it’s an unworkable timeline, like 1-5 years. Ok pretty sure i wasted everyone’s time. Feel free to delete lol.

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