I think my Athena is clogging my water wand

What water wand you recommend or what do you think the problem is and how do I go about it

I’m no expert but you could try dissolving the nutes in hot water then adding to the reservoir


Are you running cleanse? Pro line?

Do you flush the wand out after each use?

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Take the shower head off the end of the wand.

I use to make mine out of copper pipe and a nice valve. Way better than anything you can buy from the store


Athena’s is great, but it sticks to everything. I flush my Athena grow 2x a week with plain water.

when you say you flush what exactly do you mean? i am about to start a run with athena and drippers, is there anything i need to be aware of regarding build up ect?.

Straight water

i have some calcium hypochloride @ 65% instead of athenas cleanse, will i still need to flush with this in the tank?.

Dram makes the best over the counter water wands


I like those because you can take the head off and clean it, or even add an extension with some pvc…

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I just use clean water and it does a great job. My tables get buildup pretty bad but I just clean em when I flip. I use Netafim NetBow too. Which dump water, so I assume with smaller drippers it will be even worse…

do you use cleanse or similar? would that not help with build up?.

I do the same with jacks. Hot water and a drill with a stirring attachment for like 5 mins. Along with drip line cleaners it breaks it down pretty well. I’ve never had an issue with it clogging a watering wand, just drip emitters. Hard water is also potentially an issue if it’s exceedingly hard.

Hey we just got the netbows at the facility but I’m yet to install them. How have they been working out for you while using Athena ? Any tips or recommendations you could give on the Netbows?

Aside from them being 10" they are pretty much bulletproof. I absolutely love them. Never ever clog. They dump water super evenly. I do 10 second shot size for an idea.

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Pfizer put the va)( in Athena?