I think I need a bigger chiller

I dont think this little guy can cut the mustard. Even with a repair and recharge, set to -50c, she is bottoming out at 16c.
I think it’s a 1.6l recirculating heater/chiller. Vwr 1166d.

Using for my 5L rotovap. Not as great results as using tap h20. All tap h20 goes back in the garden.

I’m sorry it was the first thing that came to my head.

What are you chilling? how many watts of energy in?


5L rotovap
48c bath temp

Vwr 1166d recirculating heater/chiller
Just had it serviced.
Set to -50c
16c-17c temp stable for the last 3 hrs. I think it needs to be alot colder for a much faster thuroughput.

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That thing only appears to have 200w of chilling power at 20c. It has no capacity. A diy AC unit chiller would blow this thing out of the water


My tap did better than this.

I dont have alot of space for many large units.

you need to calculate the cooling capacity of the chiller, then the heating capacity of the rotovap, and add 20% more watts on the chilling side.


hydroponics chillers work great for rotovaps.

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I have a split unit airco outside and inside only the evaporator in a high bucket

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Back to tap for the time being.

I know everyone hates on this one, but it’s my only option on the fly. Local with warranty they usalab

What sized hydro chiller do you think I’ll need?

this kept a line of rotos and the entire 5 station benchtop happy for me. With glycol running you can get her down -10c .

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Beat my local store has is a 1/2 hp hydro chiller

i purchased the dyf 5/10 from leakphan for $900 with shipping and it leaked out all its refrigerant in 10hrs of use, it did work good before a copper line ruptured, then i purchased the poly science 7L -20c from best value and that seems to work good with my roto but ive only tried the water bath at 30-35c.

Your 7l can cool? My 6l doesnt

i let it get down to -16c and then ran for 3-4hrs with roto bath at 30c. it climbed upto -4c and then stayed for the rest of the time. i think next chiller i would make out of an ac or mini split unit like others have done.


30c bath temp
You must be pulling a deep vac then.

im using a welch 2047 which goes down to 28.6 but i use it dialed back a lil so i dont get bumps in the recieving flask.

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I said it a lot and I’ll say it again 5ton ac unit in glycol bath solves a lot of problems

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DM, I do chiller sizing calculations :slight_smile:

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I am out of usable space for any more equipment. I would have done the a/c mod months ago.

Really all I have in uses space is a dust bin liner as tank 8" round 3 feet high insulated with 1" foam
And the evaporator standing inside
Lines go treu the roof outside to compressor a pond pump and that’s it not much space involved

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