I need small amounts of a few things for my store

Hey now!
I started a company, and we were gonna wholesale some shit until we ended up with a storefront we are fixing up!
I spent most money doing stupid shit like doors and windows and shit, so we are pressed for $$$
Does anybody have small quantum’s of shit so I can make more shit for the store?
100g cbg isolate?
1l t free cbd disty?
Ultra awesome organic flowers?
Other shit?
I’d be happy to do consignment on other shit , but I know the d8 gummies and flowers are going to be the shit!
Thanks for listening to me! Have a grate day
Ps. Had to move from my spot and couldn’t take my extractor with me as I didn’t have a spot to go to, there were no places available anywhere from Shasta to Eugene… so I switched gears for a minute…


You said shit a bunch.


sent ya a dm


Got you on a bunch of this shit. Understand the buildout problems going through the same thing currently.

Fresh organic California grown greenhouse flowers and pre rolls packaged sustainably and priced to sell, 100g CBG iso for a couple bucks a gram, as well as a full line of beautiful retail products CBD/CBG/CBN most 2 cents or less per mg retail.
Can do ready to label as well if you prefer not to carry another brand

I am also in the process of opening up my first retail location would love to collaborate on this feel free to send me a dm


Edited the rest because I thought it was a dm

What’s the name of your store?

I have a very good graphics guy on our team. As a mater of fact, his designs look super around our products. Would love to chat with you about it. Nothing better than having your store’s name on a quality product.


He must want shit too


Good luck with the store broski literally stumbled upon the same thing myself when i rented two units and one was enough now I’m in the same boat. @shattertramp if we could talk net60 on some flower I’m always on the lookout for ways to expand my supply and your indoor looks fire.


Damn… You guys are a tough crowd! Fucking going right for the throat with the Net60 request. Not even going to offer Net30, gonna make him ask for it?
I understand the idea that you’re just starting up etc. etc I feel like Net60 (not being some huge conglomerate) is like asking for it for free.
So, what do you do if’n it don’t sell?
I’m not trying to give you a hard time, so please don’t feel attacked

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Ask for net60 pay it in 2 weeks is the goal!

With net60 I cover my word worst worst case scenario.

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Actually I thought that was a small
But yeah, I don’t know ho well that sells, and I wouldn’t want to have to pay something in 30 days that may not sell. And no I wouldn’t want net 30 on something I had to pay for that I don’t know if they’d want it
That’s why I said if people have cbd products they’d like to do consignment with.
I can make a lot of products which is why I was asking for raw materials in the initial post
My word is gold so I wouldn’t ask for something I couldn’t handle
I don’t know if cbd would sell well, because it is not expensive and everybody has it and if it’s not special then it may not work and I don’t want to try something and owe money and still have product.
I am just getting into the legal side of this game, but in the bm, ones word is all they got(not counting wooks who make excuses).
Don’t think I did anything wrong other than by accident accidentally posting a post instead of a message!

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@MillerliteRN the store is going to be called outer danx. (Like the outer banks, only it’s dank) It’s going to be in Atlantic beach.
And YES we need labels, my partner has tried so many times and been pissed and that sucks
We need lots of that type of stuff.

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Not to poop in the parlor here, but I cannot do net 60 on fresh hand trimmed greenhouse flower harvested last month. Or any of my other products unfortunately. Possibly net with a deposit and contract after the relationship is established.

Most of my products are actually fairly expensive to make comparable to what else is on the market today. If you find someone willing to do distributor pricing and net 60 it’s probably going to be fairly cheap quality low milligram generic products.

On a lighter note, it seems like quite a few of us are in the process of opening up hemp stores. We should start a thread about that soon.


No I want to pay cash for the flower.
I was talking about the other medicine
Yes I see you use organic shit, and yes, a bought a small quantity (5gal) and it was 500$
I always use organic products when possible,and realize the price point!
I wholesale 1000mg tinctures for 10$ using organic mct and natural essential oils, and my profit margin is still sweet! And I’m a small guy!

I got some organics I’m in la got 3 types.

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