i need help with changing the ph of my etoh.

Hello everyone so long story short I need to raise the ph of my Etoh so I can roto. I though what I used whould have kept me in the neutral ph range but im around a 3 ph. I used bentonite t5, Activated Alumina , and aC hardwood ph neutral from Carbonchemistry. to filer out colors. To test ph I used Hydrion ph test strips. Thanks for any help.!

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Safest cleanest method is water washing with 3% salt (na cl)
THe water will take your acid
But you will have to dissolve in a alkane solvent


I don’t have time to do brine wash im just trying to adjust the current ph state.

@TerpTeamOfficial Ethanol (EtOH) does not possess a pH. But I do not have time to explain why!

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Are you adding dry ice to your solvent before or during your extraction process?

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I realize what you are asking
The problem is that when adding a compound to neutrelize your solution
Part of that compound will have a reaction with the acid but the other
Part of the compound will become a diffrent compound that will remain in your solution
Waterwashing diluted your acid
Or take the used neutralizing remainder compounds out of your solution


alquimia is correct its the water in your ethanol that is acidic

without having done this before or even googling it, id go with roguelabs suggestion

or would drying via mag sulfate, or maybe a sieve work?

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That’s actually incorrect


You can check PH in ethanol since ethanol can be protonated

Take some MgO and put a tiny bit in a glass of water, drop droplets of the water with MgO in it into your ethanol until you’ve reached the correct PH

If I were you next time I’d check my PH in ethanol prior to doing anything, that way you have a reference point on what your starting PH is

i love how youll have someone whos a chemist (and probably someone else who is also a chemist) explain something and then you just jump right in saying theyre wrong.

pH is defined as the log of the hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution.
no water no pH

its crazy you have the balls to argue with someone who sat through years and years of classrooms, lectures, labs, teaching of a subject, peer to peer work and discussion, and you… what? google shit? make conclusions based on anecdotal results? its literally you vs the scientific community

This is true.

However is KOTK not right also? If ethanol can be protonated. Then it falls under a Bronson-Lowry definition because it’s a substance that donates/accepts.

Are there not multiple definitions for acids/bases and still is a debated topic?
This to me now falls under typical academia. Capitulation.

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I have 45 gallons of 3.0 ph etoh I’ve been wanting to get the ph up. I dont have any isomeration issues (prior distillate lab tests so none to very minimal cbn.

K let me school you on PH

You are correct about the definition of PH

A PH meter reads the concentration of protonated H30+ or unprotonated OH- ions, by definition you need water to check “PH”

That doesnt mean your solution cant be acidic or basic

If your starting pH in ethanol is 5 (pH meters are calibrated for water so another solution might not read at 7 even though its neutral, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that alcohols read lower in ph that water even when they’re neutral) then that’s what you need your solution to be after you’re done.

A pH meter is a great tool to use, even when water isnt present.

Bet they didn’t teach you that in your college class.

Hands on ftw

If you know your starting pH in straight ethanol then it doesnt matter that theres no water.

I do this shit in straight methanol and it works great.

Your pH meter isnt going to give you an accurate reading, you don’t need that though you just need a reference point to return to.

And I’m dumb right?

pH on point


Dats dat water clear!

@beaker used to pull water clear easily. RIP brother. May your dab rig always be clean and full of dabs.


He taught me alot

RIP @beaker wish you were still around man


even a broken clock…

Yeah, he was a great guy. wealth of knowledge and not afraid to help those in need.