I need employment around LA

Just got fired from my job in LA, I have a fiance and a child at home, any help with new employment would be much appreciated.
Specialties are SPD, winterization, filtration, rotovap, can also run sauce and other types of extract .

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Trashing your former employer and airing out their dirty laundry while seeking employment is a pretty bad look.

What is it with CA and ratting each other out?


@Brazilianchemist lol oof

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Less than Anonymous now…


Yea it sucks but seems to be accepted here (CA)


Hate me all you want, firing me for that is unethical. Especially when I’ve been riding bike, bus and train to get to the lab, they didn’t offer to help me in any way. They are doing me wrong, so yes I am calling them out on this forum.
Anyway, I’m good at what I do and I’m seeking employment. I’m an honest worker, it’s bullshit I’m being fired because they decided to lie about shit

Not trashing my former employer, and even if I was, the guy owns an island in Fiji, you really want to take his side?

As raghanded said, airing your former employers dirty laundry is most likely a red flag to any potential employer.


So you think we should censor this type of behavior?

We don’t. You wanna come here and show your true character? Go for it, now everyone knows.


How does them firing you for not having a vehicle and not showing up for work as a result equal unethical business practices? If you did that at any other job they would do the same thing


Maybe a meeting with me and an unpaid suspension would have been a better option? Rather than firing me knowing I have a fiance and child at home :man_shrugging:t2: just saying, there are other ways to handle things.

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I guess you are right. Everything is different in our world though, you know this

I feel for your circumstances, but business is business. You’re better off being proud of your work and looking for new work without mentioning the previous employment grievances.

We all got mouths to feed.

Every potential new employer knows there’s two sides to every story and they don’t want yours unless they ask for it.

I’m sure many of us have more than 1 experience of being let down by business. Keep your chin up man. You still got your family right? Then just keep focused on the positive parts of your life. It could be worse always. This reaction post won’t help well imo.


But the world is a better place if you warn others of shenanigans.

My previous employer requires everyone to sign a non-disparagement clause in order to get the severance package. I declined the severance package because of it.


Sorry to hear man, it’s a shitty situation.
Are you looking on LinkedIn and indeed? I’m also looking in SoCal but don’t have near the experience you do.

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Business is business. Never burn a bridge. It will come back to haunt you.


Those damn Canadians! Oh wait u mean Cali

Watch it. I’m Canadian. :slight_smile:


You know Ricky and Julian?


I live on the east coast, have met some of those guys around. J-Roc is actually super chill