I Need Crude to Distillate Service in Toronto


I have a small amount of crude oil that I need to be cleaned up and turned into distillate. I have 150 - 200ml of crude made from a solvent-free extraction process that I am working on. I have a CoA on the oil from a local 3rd party lab, posted below. I know this is a small amount but, I really need to see what this oil will look like cleaned up. I am located in Toronto, Ontario. Please hit me up if you can assist!!

I am ACMPR , Hemp grower license & R&D license as well…

Posting a pic of the oil might help. Finding someone to run such a small amount might be near impossible, but a picture might get you some educated guesses.

shoot Pattypan01 a DM he can help



Thanks everyone


If you’ve got an R&D licence, why not get a very small short path setup? They can be put together quite inexpensively.

I’ve got a little 500ml that is very convenient for testing and small-batch stuff. I think I’m into it for under $2k CAD including shipping and taxes and such.


Tight on time at the moment, hoping to see how this crude cleans up inorder to continue development.

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