I Need CBD.CBN.CBG verified seed in California from verified seed bank

Hi Guys, I am looking for verified CBD, CBN, CBG Seeds (Feminized or regular) for a Licensed hemp farm in Southern California what is price and Minimum Order Quantities? Please only verified genetics. Please DM thank you

If i Were you ; after doing my research. The only place I would buy will be : Oregon CBD Inc- They answer every question you could ever ask , without you having to ask it. CBD and CBG no CBN as far as I know.


Yes the Crawford brothers have the best genetics I am aware of we went with them and one other breeder

For feminized CBD hemp seeds, Hempress.3 has an exceptionally high “Total CBD to Total THC Ratio”. Feminized seeds, seedlings and clones of Hempress.3 are available from Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC who owns the full rights to the Hempress 3 Cultivar. With its high ratio and vigor, Hempress.3 makes the most mathematical sense for large scale biomass farms. See documentation and pricing of this Total THC Compliant genetic at Hempress3.com.

PM me and I’ll send over the Catalog https://ecogenlabs.com/

I work with several breeders and research groups. My group has feminized and non feminized cbg cbn cbc cbd seed
Prices rangw from .04 cents to $1.50.
Sadly one of my breeders was delayed by 6 weeks of chemo pushing back the availability of our 16% cbg auto 0 thc.
My polytechnic guys had to push their date back too because their 18% cbg 0 thc seed started herming. It was crisper seed. Some things you cant rush. The rest available is naturally bred all organic etc.
Have more cbg seed drying / activating (increasing germination rate) ready in a week or so.
20 million cbg seeds 15%-20% cbg .161 to .24 total thc on the ground now. Priced 1.10-1.65 per volume discounts offered some with written guarantees from ceo for germ or fem rate. The coa’s are well above the guarantee = 90%-96% germination 93%-97.8% feminization.
Some white whale cbg seed. Bunch of high cbd seed. Our partners are publicly traded companies which makes me feel warm.and fuzzy about the viability of our inventory. MOQ can range on the seed. We like to observe a least 10k minimum. Some partners insist on 50k-500k.
Go to my profile summary if you want to reach me.
I’m noob status on here and get cut off from messaging after so many- cant reply 24 hrs.

I’m in the middle of a move to a company I’ve been working with a couple years now out of CA. CBG seeds and starts. PM me and I’ll connect you. All documentation and lab results for phylos sex potency ratio and mature potency.

Sorry for late reply. Sept October is best time to buy seed. I’ve been so busy consulting farms and dealing with this pandemic I haven’t been online since I posted that info.
Give me a holler if you are still in the market or will be soon.

@Captkirk interested in the genetics you have.