I Need CBD.CBN.CBG verified seed in California from verified seed bank

Hi Guys, I am looking for verified CBD, CBN, CBG Seeds (Feminized or regular) for a Licensed hemp farm in Southern California what is price and Minimum Order Quantities? Please only verified genetics. Please DM thank you

If i Were you ; after doing my research. The only place I would buy will be : Oregon CBD Inc- They answer every question you could ever ask , without you having to ask it. CBD and CBG no CBN as far as I know.


Yes the Crawford brothers have the best genetics I am aware of we went with them and one other breeder

For feminized CBD hemp seeds, Hempress.3 has an exceptionally high “Total CBD to Total THC Ratio”. Feminized seeds, seedlings and clones of Hempress.3 are available from Exotic Canopy Solutions, LLC who owns the full rights to the Hempress 3 Cultivar. With its high ratio and vigor, Hempress.3 makes the most mathematical sense for large scale biomass farms. See documentation and pricing of this Total THC Compliant genetic at Hempress3.com.

PM me and I’ll send over the Catalog https://ecogenlabs.com/