I need an explosion proof (C1D1) hot plate.

Hello everyone!

I’m in need of an explosion proof hotplate. Must be Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof for use in a licensed processing facility.

We currently have two of the Thermo Scientific SHP9 hotplates. I was really bummed to find out earlier today that those models have been DISCONTINUED, and they only make the smaller SHP6 size. Well, we really like that big 9"x9" platform, and won’t be entirely satisfied with a 6"x6" platform.

Is there anyone out there who has a lead on a viable alternative?

I will be eternally grateful.


Not sure if mine is legit but I use the induction hot plates from bed bath and beyond


That couldn’t be class 1 division 1 rated, sorry but we can’t use that here. It’s a licensed facility so we need proper explosion proof ones.

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HP11515B Thermo Scientific Explosion-Proof SAFE-T HP6 Hot Plate 6x6 | McQueenLabs.com not sure if this is the one you have already?

You need a c1d1 hot plate even when its not in your blast room? Your entire lab has to be c1d1?

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That’s the 6"x6". The small one with a plate less than half the surface area of the ones we have, and the only one they still make.

No, we need one specifically for use in our C1D1 area. Process wise it is easiest to purge and decarb a large amount of crude all in one shot right out of the extractor before it ever leaves the C1D1.


perhaps you need a purpose built, enclosed decarb device?

maybe that 12x12 jacketed collection base you’ve got lying around?
heated to 135-150C with duratherm.
with AtEx rated (air powered?) overhead stirring?


or check ebay & elsewhere for used 9x9’s?

edit: hands up anyone who thinks this hotplate still qualifies for C1D1 use?

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Any luck @GandalfTheGreen ? I’m in Denver and are required to use “explosion proof” hotplates as well. All I’ve been able to see online is that 6" Thermo one, which is total garbage. We also use three SHP9 Stir/hotplates but like you said they’re DISCONTINUED.

Not sure about a hot plates or what a c1d1 unit would cost. But but another option is to put a recirculating heater/chiller outside the room and pipe it into a jacketed vessel inside your room.


ETS makes some that plug into hot water bath circulator,


ETS! I love them!


thats cute, and will get me heat, but what if I need a stir bar too?

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Over head stirrer