I keep the extraction for many months, does it get better like wine? I open debate

Is it true in compete in cups? some growers have their extraction stored in cold places so that it ages over time? what do you think ? Has anyone ever cured their extraction (sauce and diamonds) for a few months and when they opened it something super smelly came out?

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I’d imagine you’d have more volitales filling the air space in the container, so you’d probably get a good whiff right off the bat.

I suppose the question you’re really asking is does oxidation have a positive effect on terpenes.

I’m gonna lean towards probably not… But maybe a bit? There’s certainly some aged essential oils, but they’re few and far between.


I can’t speak for others but I keep my oil in a cold area to preserve terpenes, not to age it. I have only observed negative effects from aged oil.


I, too, have only observed negative effects from aging.

Some oils are very stable. Some darken/streak quickly. They can get a “rosy” smell. Long shelf life seems to correlate with cool storage, good/clean starting material, a light CRC even on good material can really extend life, not pulling moisture, nitrogen filling jars, etc.

In my lab, the goal is to produce to demand and get the product moved quickly.


Easy way to test it from a consumer’s perspective, go to a dispensary and ask for the oldest, most “aged” product. I’m sure they will have a variety to choose from.
But generally I take the opposite approach, I ask for the freshest product when purchasing as terpenes and volatiles evaporate and degrade over time especially stored at room temp. One specific example that comes to mind was when I purchased rosin on discount, turns out it was packaged 18 months before, it had an almost rancid smell to it, took one dab and tossed the remainder as it was awful. To each their own though.

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Rosin can go rancid, yes.

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Anything that contains waxes lipids or canna waste will go rancid.


This raises another question:

What’s the best long term storage method?

We have a cooled vault we keep around 60F and above 50% RH to keep the vapor pressure up in the room.

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Prolong degradation? Yes. Preserve integrity? Definitely not. Terps are solvents and they aren’t particular to open air. Unless your packaging is hermetically sealed, you might slow the clock a bit.

I’ve smoked/vaped decades old hashish, and years old flower rosin and never once experienced rancid flavors. Not to say that lipid oxygenation doesn’t occur - it must, but from a consumer perspective that’s not really a concern. And I’m very sensitive to rancid flavors in food.

The flavor definitely did change, becoming less intense and more floral, and the “bag appeal” changed becoming darker, but there was no hint of “spoiling” the way you would certainly have with food. In some strains the flavor change was actually nice, getting a unique floral flavor that wasn’t present in the original product.


Every strain is going to react different, much like different wines have to be treated different ways because not all grapes perform well in all techniques.

I’ve had some stuff that sat for 3+yrs in a cool dark place and tasted identical, if not better, as time progressed, but I anticipate there could be a fall of for improvement. I’ve had other strains that aged over the course of a few months spectacularly, but after a year or two the flavors definitely were subdued. Then of course products that have ‘soured’ with age, or their profile changed entirely, you’d be surprised how often mint-like flavors can develop in aged and/or poorly stored concentrates. The real mind boggler is the concentrates I’ve had that were completely unpalatable when extracted, but after several years have become very palatable. You should always keep a few grams of unique batches for these comparisons; science bitch!

Given enough time the market can mature enough that we’ll have ample examples of how some more standardized strains perform under certain conditions over certain time periods. It takes a surplus of a consistent, repeatable supply to generate the kind of data we’re discussing in this thread.


When my neighbours moved. And just before the new neighbours moved in, the fence was blown over and destroyed by the wind.

They left a bag in their garden from a part in the sunmer probably, 30cm from the property line.

As I didnt want the new neigbours suspecting my smoking and growing, I picked it up.

It was like almost white slightly yellow sun bleached cured in a shitty zipplock bag and it had rained alot but the inside was not moist, not to the point of condensation or mold.

I could tell it was haze so it deff wasn’t mine, to my surprise it actually tasted good and actually got me quite stoned, it had to be months old since the neigbours already left 3 months ago and the party I suspect its from was even longer ago.

I just had to test it lol.

Ive heard weird tales about weird tribes curing their cannabis outside on a layer of hay, coverd by another layer of hay, on wich they throw cow poop or some shit and then another layer of some hay or whatever. Weird.


I have fresh frozen live extracts in my wine fridge at 54f that are 6mos old and they taste awesome. I am sure they degraded some but not much. BTW I am very fussy and do not smoke cigs or vape nic crap and have sensitive tastebuds. Less headspace in the jars is best I feel.


I think some does get better some does not. Along lines of curing or yes aging wine. Think how it is aged and environment care matters.

Defenatly open for debate
This is a post I placed in 2020
Guy still exists and still only offers for sale cured terps


I’ve kept hash around for well over a year. I put aside a small jar of every batch worth keeping that I ran that season. Had well over 200flavors. All stored in jars in vac sealed bags and in wine coolers at approx 36degrees. All still fire a year later. A freezer would be more ideal. But definitely wouldn’t store long term at room temp

For quality hash air tight storage is sufficient and deffenatly in times things change no opinion if it s for the better or worse
But folks should realize any foreign hasj smuggled has quiet a journey done and that takes a while
Deffenatly on the European market any hasj that gets consumed by consumer is at least a year old since pakkaging started in land of origin