I just got a 2L rotovap, will this vacuum pump work with it ?

I just got my rotovap yesterday and I have not been able to make it work, so maybe im wondering if the pump is not the right pump for this job, I do not have a chiller either so im using a water pump with ice as a chiller, the coldest I was able to get the temp of the water while it circulated was 1C, I got a mini fridge and im in the process of hacking to make it work as my chiller, can I run regular antifreeze through the coil of the condenser ?

I really hope someone could help me figure out if my current pump ok for the job ? and if so, at what Hg should I set it at for best results ?

I will work but wilk injest alcohol. A diapragm pump is the right pump.
But i used a pump like yours until i got a diaphragm pump.
Keep extra pump oil around and change ot after every run


Use some sort of cold trap otherwise you’ll crap out that pump really fast. Change oil often and get a diaphragm once you make some money back

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Were you trying to run it exactly the way it’s set up in the picture?

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That pump isnt worth a cold trap.
Just keep fresh oil around. I used harbor freight pumps for months and on a bigger roto. Never broke. Still works


im not sure what you mean

that is good news, at what Hg would you recommend using it ??

I mean that you’re gonna have a hard time pulling vacuum on an open system if there’s nothing in this joint.


Get a wobi


How did i miss that


Lol it took me a few minutes to catch it. Not looking to be an asshole either @acereto, it happens to the best of us (if that is the actual problem). Remember the prime directive: check the easiest, dumbest thing first.


no bro I wish, I do have the vacuum valve on a shut, it comes with a PTFE tube and in the manual it says im suppose to attach the tube to the feeding cock but I dont understand why

It’s so you can suck feed material into the rbf using vacuum, without stopping the process and taking the flask off.


Also to preheat the rbf prior to injection of mixture.

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What can’t you make work? Pulling vacuum?

Will these pumps work for that kind of set up? Which one is better?

Edwards 30 E2M30 Rotary Vane Dual Stage Mechanical Vacuum


Vacuubrand MD4CNT (Three-stage diaphragm pump)

Hooking an E30 on a 2L roto is like hooking a jet engine onto a bicycle.


I got my chiller at -6C , the water bath at 40C im pulling vacuum at -5Hg, -10Hg and -15Hg and it does not seem to work, what could I be doing wrong ?? Any help would be amazing at this point I dont know what else to do

That sounds awesome.


Heres my pic
Your is the same as mine, but a 2l maybe? I use a welch wobl for my vac pump, maxed out at -26.5hg, bf bathbtemp set to 50c, chiller runs about -11c on the led panel.

I’ve ran open tap (runoff drains into my garden storage tanks) with great results.