I have 54L of winterized cbd crude available

Hey folks, i have 54 L of winterized crude available. Its been extracted from all certified organic material, total cannabinoid hitting at 69%. See COAs attached will take $900/L for the entire lot.


Hey man hope all is well. My buddy Dustin (future4200) just sent me your link cause i was asking him to link me with some cbd crude for my girl who has very aggressive form of cancer. I got her one treatments worth of 2 1/4 to 1 cbd full spectrum crude and her scans were showing great improvement until she ran out and now it has grown. But long story short i really just need a few hundred grams of any very high cbd crude and yours looks perfect since i have lots of high thc crude to make the perfect ratio. Sorry i dont need a shit load but it WILL DEFINATLY GO TO A GREAT CAUSE. Only question i have is has it been pest tested?

I’ve ran a bunch of this crude and it’s all good stuff.

the only pesticide that was showing up was Spinosad, would be happy to help ya out with whatever quantity ya need. Give me a ring and lets talk. Thanks 504.390.9850